Tabor City and Whitesville, N.C. Thanksgiving Gathering

Everyone is here.  Paul and Michelle and Maggie, Jake, Marli and Luke arrived early, around 5:30 P.M. after a 10.5 hour drive from Dennisville, N.J.  Jennifer and Jeff and daughter Ingrid arrived around 7:00 P.M. after a 10.5 hour trip from Los Angeles.  Funny – Paul comes 570 miles and Jenn comes 3500 miles in the same amount of time.  America, and the world today, is simply great. 

I’ve begun to blog in order to get into the modern communciation stream.  Airplanes are a communication device.  A kind of transformer or teleporter.  It takes a bit longer than Spok and the Enterprise but it gets you physically from place to another.

No matter, we are all here.  Michelle brought a huge pot of chilli and we enjoyed the first family dinner in quite a long while.  Paul put together a fire after unloading the firewood that Luke stacked as it flew off the trailer.  Paul brought bikes for his family and Jenn’s, so we will be able to ride together.  I strolled over to Paul and Michelle’s cabin earlier this morning to see about getting some eggs over lightly.  Michelle is now a farmer of sorts with twenty laying hens.  We have 4 dozen eggs for the week and they are delicious.

We have three options for Thanksgiving dinner: outside the cabins in good weather; in inclement weather we can move to the motor home or to the club house here at Yogi Bears in Tabor City, The Number One Yogi Bear Camp in the United States.  I’m sure Rick, Jenny and Jesse and Joey are all very proud of this designation and they deserve it.  Its the tail end of November and weather is a bit cold, setting records actuallly, but today it’s warming up and this camp is a nice place to stay a while.  They are very accomodating and they have mentioned the club as an option.  We might have to ride in the hay wagon and parade around the camp, which everyone agreed to last night.  I’d love to be pick some with Jesse during dinner.

Off to ride.


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