Lion in the White House – A Life of Theodore Roosevelt by Aida D. Donald


What a great smile and what a smart, energetic man who became President when Willion McKinley was assasinated.  The picture comes from a post by David C. Hanes and is located here.   There is a very good slide presentation on Roosevelt.  The slide presentation will load a file to your computer if you wish.

Donalds book is an easy read and well worth buying (I get no money from Amazon or autors) for your library.  Roosevelt governed in the early twentieth century and there are parallel’s to the times and the leadership we have had with George Bush, and much more important, the leadership we will have from President Elect Barack Obama.  The video of his first Saturday broadcast is here:  Link to Weekly Speech of the President.

He is quoted day in and day out for his famous “speak softly and carry a big stick” quote.

The complet e-document is available on Docstoc at this location.  Download it if you like.

A list of books I’m working on are on the page Books I’m Summarizing for your convenience

Bob Johnson


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