17 Intelligence Sources

October 23, 2016

So … The sources for the sources of Wiki leaks material is the same source as the source of WMD in Iraq.  17 of them.  So … ignoring the question of why the USA has 17 competing intelligence …  What?

Here’s Huma:img_5817

Let us not forget that history recorded (because it happened) President Thomas Jefferson sent in the Marines to Morocco to halt their (the Moroccan’s) pirating American Merchant ships AND enslaving the crews.  It worked.  Jefferson stopped them.  A good leader takes information from many sources.  Some anecdotal, some factual, some historical.

Let sleeping Dogs Lie


My Liam, never lies and I love ’em.  He loves the warmth of the sun shining in.  So let the light shine on our election.  Take your information and decide.

When you are alone and in the booth please, please decide which candidate will be best for you, your job, your children, your pocket-book.  I can tell you as an entrepreneur, now 70, having been a banker (ugh) and now a purveyor of happiness and energy, that the taxes coming from one side might very well sink your ships.  And that is not a secret.

Remember with Hillary comes Billy, Bob.


So is the Foundation of His smile the foundation?


Flash: The WH Jan 21 2017 – Hillary abdicates – Gives Bill Economy and Diplomacy

September 1, 2016

Hillary Clinton, President of the United States, announced today that she was doing what she promised in the campaign.  Her husband, William Jefferson Clinton, will be the economic czar.   And he will manage the diplomatic chores normally assigned to the president. He is taking on this additional responsibility because of his vast recent international experience, evidenced by the success of their Foundation.  Really?  Really.  His third term.



Circumventing 22nd Amendment

July 29, 2016

The presidency is limited to two terms by the 22nd amendment. I’m sure Congress did not anticipate a husband and wife team when it was written. So I ask:is this election an effort to circumvent the Constitution?

Healing Power of Nature

July 28, 2016

A walk in the woods is indeed soothing. Many years ago I wrote a short story, just a couple of pages, An Hour Alone in the Woods, in which I tried to explain the heightening of awareness and building intensity of connectivity that sitting alone in the woods generated. It was invigorating. It’s why I created a garden. 

To wit:

Almost August

July 28, 2016

Sturdy brethren. Standing up to the heat. Pretty courageous. 

Is it Bill or Hillary? Which will be President?

July 27, 2016

Hillary has already said Bill will take care of the economy. What will he do?  What will she do?

Is she really a stand-in so he can match FDR’s Four terms. 

Come on people now, let’s get together, vote for lower taxes, lower costs, better care for veterans and most important, our safety and security. 

Pass it on. 

Powerful Lady Powerful Words

July 21, 2016

Listen to Laura Ingram.


July 13, 2016

This is a great year for growth. The flowers grew fast and large with beautiful colors. Rich greens.  Mother Nature. She is a beautiful sight to behold.

Name That Plant

June 23, 2016

I love lilies and in this case the yellow lilies are beautiful. But the challenge is to name the plant with the red flower that sits behind the Lily. 

The morning started with a light drizzle but despite it, my walk was pleasant. And when I received this picture of our Market & Main K-cup line I got a big smile.
I think this packaging is the best in the industry. And it sells. My congratulations on great work done to Heidi McDonough our chief operating officer and to Meghan Kurz our national sales manager. 

Heidi designed this packaging. 

We have a great team of people.

Happy Fathers Day

June 19, 2016

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