Liam, Our Standard Schnauzer, Hanging Out

October 3, 2015

This Dog Knows How to Hang

This Dog Knows How to Hang

Arthur Boehner, my Father In Law, Silver Star Citation

January 28, 2015

Please click the picture to see more clearly the CitationArthur Boehner Silver Star Citation

Cathy and I had heard of her Dad’s service, in fact there were folks telling us that Arthur had flown 81 times over Europe, first 50 from Africa and then 31 from England. This must be what the citation means by “Intrepidity”.

Arthur Boehner Short Bio
He was quite a person. I had only a few visits with him, but his energy was contagious. In his 70’s, late 70’s, he was still leading white water tours through class 4 and a few times class 5 rapids on the Snake River.

He died tragically. While hiking his beloved mountains, he fell and lay unable to move for two days. Another hiker found him, alive, but paralyzed from the neck down. He died a week or so later in the hospital.

He was also a tough man, and it is no wonder given his service record. We know now that PTSD takes a terrific toll on a person. Probably did on Arthur. Imagine 81 flights; he could have quit at 25 flights. He didn’t quit, he kept on fighting for our country. RIP Art.

Here is a link to the citation: Citation

America Feeds 20,000,000 Russians; Saves 14,000,000 Muslim’s

November 28, 2014

The year?  1921.  Led by: Herbert Hoover, the man latter branded as the creator of America’s Great Depression, and vilified as a man who could do nothing.

This information comes from a documentary, an episode of “American Experience”, titled “The Great Famine”.  Not America’s, Russia’s.

Hoover reportedly read a news story describing the famine in Russia.  He sort and recruited several hundred Americans who formed the backbone of what became the American Relief Administration (ARA)  – latter infiltrated by Vladimir Lenin’s henchmen in an effort, unsuccessful as it turned out, to discredit the program that was about to save millions of their ‘subjects’ with corn and wheat.  Apparently Hoover was an accomplished logistical expert, successfully feeding millions of starving Belgian’s during WWI due to a German occupation.

Hoover used his skills to organize the ARA, publicize in America the famine and disaster in Russia, resulting in Congress approving $20,000,000 in relief.  At the time, there were large stocks of grain and corn going to waste in America.

A fellow by the name of Bell headed one of a dozen or so relief districts in Russia, all bigger than most countries, this one largely populated by Muslim’s.  Bell saved millions of people, literally, and they treated him as a savior, supporter and in effect superman.

At one point in the relief effort the railroad workers in Russia halted the distribution of the corn and I think it was Bell who wrote an un-encoded letter to Hoover, knowing it would land on Lenin’s desk, urging Hoover to stop the shipments of corn if the Russian’s would not get the trains moving.  The stratagem worked and the food deliveries began in earnest.

In order to make things happen quickly, Lenin appointed the most feared man in Russia, a person who earlier in his career headed Lenin’s version of the Gestapo, as head of the Russian Railroads.  The workers got the point and went immediately back to work.

The relief story is the one that counts, but the part dealing with the saving of millions of Muslim people is a fact lost on the Middle Eastern henchmen now terrorizing their own people.  Too bad.

The documentary is only an hour long and available on Netflix; presumably other sources too.  It is: “American Experience: The Great Famine“.  Watch it and pay it forward.  Maybe send it to the White House and Congress to show them the benefits of past American humanitarian efforts that succeeded.

Oh, there was a fight in Congress back then, not unusual, with some arguing that the ARA, American Relief Administration, would support a government, the Communists, that was even then trying to make trouble in America.  But, the Congress acted quickly.


Proud Grandpa – Ingrid Timon Johnson Gymnast – 38.5/40 First Place Overall

November 7, 2014

What a great performance.  Poise, patience, strength and focus.  Hope you enjoy.

Next week Ingrid advances to the California State Championships.  Cathy and I know she will do her level best to get the 39 she is planning on.


Standard Schnauzer’s Playing – Hilarious

October 11, 2014


Liam is the teaser, Ruby is the teasee, and our grandkids are the cameo’s at the end.  Audio is Cathy.

And they are still doing it.  Only now Liam has more room to run and hide.  He pops out and …

This Land is Your Land, Woody Guthrie, America’s Song

October 6, 2014

I thank my friend and fellow singer, Greg, for sharing this video with me and you. Many times at the Albert Hall Shed there are many more folks standing around and listening and singing, but then the sound would not be as good as this.

I’ve another version of This Land is Your Land on youtube with around 125,000 views.

I try to sing this song every time I’m out because the last verse still applies today. “Is this land still made for you and me?” The answer is yes, the issue is whether the country is so complex today that voting power is diluted.

Blues Stay Away From Me, Albert Hall, Quiet Night

October 5, 2014

This was recorded by a good tenor’s wife. Greg is to the right of the videographer and is seen singing tenor. The young lady was a first time and did pretty well.

Motor Home For Sale: Holiday Rambler 2008 15,000 miles

September 19, 2013

Motor Home in Driveway Cathy and I have downsized and now have a 24 footer and would like to sell our existing Holiday Rambler Endeavor.  It is a good value.  We have more information at our web site.


Holiday Rambler Sticker

Does iPhone Cause Phantom Vibrations

June 13, 2013

002I get vibrations that feel like the vibrations that come from my iPhone, exactly where I normally have my iPhone (in top left pocket of my shirt) , but it occurs when the iPhone is not on my person.  What is causing this?

Human Perches – Peace Quiet Focus Relax

June 11, 2013

005   006004

The left shed, yellow, was our first.  We added a small porch and will cover it soon.  The cabin is for music; it’s the cabin in the pines. The right one, green, is where we keep all of the agility equipment for the dogs agility yard.

Mostly we sit on the cabin porch.

The work on the yard has taken pretty close to nine years of a lot of blood, literally, sweat and toil. But it was worth it.

The whole idea was to give Cathy a place to walk the dogs, and all of us to enjoy nature. And I bike on the paths.  Today is a perfect example. A terrific breeze.  And it happens to be our anniversary.

There is nothing like sitting out there and enjoying a cup of great coffee.

Happy anniversary Cathy.


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