Big Leaf!!

October 21, 2017

Holy moly 

Funny Thing – Right?

October 1, 2017

So Paul, my brother, figures the actual playing time, that is, when football players are actually doing football, is around eight minutes per team per game.

This means each team gets eight minutes so their offense and defense get four minutes each.
They play 16 games which is about an hour and 10 minutes per season and earn between say 2 million and $20 million.
You can do the arithmetic. But I can’t resist doing it for you: $20 million an hour. Do you believe it?
I know what you’re thinking. Pretty extreme argument. And you’re right. They are about the most physically fit people in the world, Smart, and some are photogenic and get to the movies. And I love the game, but I just don’t watch it much anymore. Not because of the current controversy, it just got old; I should say “I just got older”. Today is the first football game I’ve watched in at least a year and maybe five.  Go Eagles. It used to be go Giants; it took me 25 years living in southern New Jersey, to convert. But I mean it. Go Eagles.

Did Russia Steer Irma Away from Mar a Largo???

September 10, 2017

We heard from a reliably unreliable dude that Assange will release proof soon. 

Rumor is a Russian Nuclear Sub used a magnet to lead it astray. 

Chuck and Nany scream for more wind. 

Sugar Sand

July 22, 2017

Source: Sugar Sand

Sugar Sand

July 22, 2017

I don’t know if there’s any tire that is wide enough to permit safe riding on sugar sand. If there is I have not seen it. Fortunately, the sugar sand was only a couple hundred yards long, but my body thought it was a couple of miles. Pushing a 75 pound bike in sugar sand ain’t easy.

But this was a great ride much of it spent in the woods on dirt roads unmapped except on topographical maps.

A week or so ago Cathy and I rode through a 2 rut lane with lots of tall grass in the center and on the sides and we came out covered with tics. I had two bites and got some antibiotics just to be safe.

Today’s ride was on dirt, hard packed dirt and gravel, with just a little sugar sand, in what I would call deep woods here in New Jersey. I knew there were a few homes close by but I was surprised to have two cars pass.

Lotta dark black butterflies in pairs and there was one white tailed deer that I caught the rear end of as it exited stage left.

The best of it was silence and peace and I’d say serenity in the woods. Since I’m riding it’s not the same as spending an hour in the woods in a stationary position. I don’t get the squirrels and I don’t get the bird sounds and other things that you spot from the stationary position, but it is nonetheless rewarding and relaxing and mind mending. Calming.

Try it.

I’m gone fishing

July 1, 2017

I love the garden. I’d love to share it.


I’m on page 14 and probably gone for the next 24 hours.  With peanuts and an ice cold coffee. And the fan.  And a big thank you.

Thanks to Heidi, John, Fran, Tracy, Eric, Larry, Robin and Erica and everyone else for working so hard today.  And Kate and Lisa. 

May the force be with you all.

2 Deer Night -> Philosophy

June 30, 2017

These rides clear my mind and at times I get philosophical. And in a post in a day or so I have a sad story to tell you.  It will explain how I behave and why I’m in a rush. In any event tonight was another great ride with great weather.

The first deer was tiny and bounded from a yard into the woods. The second was huge, maybe 200 yards away looking right at me from the field. I turned around to get a picture but by then he was gone. I think he was a he.   Do bucks shed their antlers annually?

The days are getting shorter and at this time of year the nights get shorter pretty quickly. I got caught in the dark. But I use running lights. 

Lots of deer

June 27, 2017

My dear deer spotter. Hawkeye.

Cool evening ride with Cathy, who spotted two deer. 

June 25, 2017

The pix was magnified 9.7 x’s. So is blurred but in pix. 

MSNBC you must be kidding

June 23, 2017

 Well I laughed when the announcer, the same young lady that covered the Trump campaign, ‘disclosed’ that the Trump administration has not done anything to protect the country from Russian hacking in 2020, with a straight face.

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