Standard Schnauzer’s Playing – Hilarious

October 11, 2014


Liam is the teaser, Ruby is the teasee, and our grandkids are the cameo’s at the end.  Audio is Cathy.

And they are still doing it.  Only now Liam has more room to run and hide.  He pops out and …

This Land is Your Land, Woody Guthrie, America’s Song

October 6, 2014

I thank my friend and fellow singer, Greg, for sharing this video with me and you. Many times at the Albert Hall Shed there are many more folks standing around and listening and singing, but then the sound would not be as good as this.

I’ve another version of This Land is Your Land on youtube with around 125,000 views.

I try to sing this song every time I’m out because the last verse still applies today. “Is this land still made for you and me?” The answer is yes, the issue is whether the country is so complex today that voting power is diluted.

Blues Stay Away From Me, Albert Hall, Quiet Night

October 5, 2014

This was recorded by a good tenor’s wife. Greg is to the right of the videographer and is seen singing tenor. The young lady was a first time and did pretty well.

Motor Home For Sale: Holiday Rambler 2008 15,000 miles

September 19, 2013

Motor Home in Driveway Cathy and I have downsized and now have a 24 footer and would like to sell our existing Holiday Rambler Endeavor.  It is a good value.  We have more information at our web site.


Holiday Rambler Sticker

Does iPhone Cause Phantom Vibrations

June 13, 2013

002I get vibrations that feel like the vibrations that come from my iPhone, exactly where I normally have my iPhone (in top left pocket of my shirt) , but it occurs when the iPhone is not on my person.  What is causing this?

Human Perches – Peace Quiet Focus Relax

June 11, 2013

005   006004

The left shed, yellow, was our first.  We added a small porch and will cover it soon.  The cabin is for music; it’s the cabin in the pines. The right one, green, is where we keep all of the agility equipment for the dogs agility yard.

Mostly we sit on the cabin porch.

The work on the yard has taken pretty close to nine years of a lot of blood, literally, sweat and toil. But it was worth it.

The whole idea was to give Cathy a place to walk the dogs, and all of us to enjoy nature. And I bike on the paths.  Today is a perfect example. A terrific breeze.  And it happens to be our anniversary.

There is nothing like sitting out there and enjoying a cup of great coffee.

Happy anniversary Cathy.

Woodpeckers: Moma Feeding Chicks

June 7, 2013

WoodpeckersTiming is everything.  Yes.  I heard the chick shouting out, probably for mom, so I ran to get my camera thinking I’d get to see the first flight.

Not this time.  To my surprise there were two chicks and when mama arrived they both were ravenous.  Very competitive.

Look closely and you’ll see the two chicks, mama to the left.

I wish the picture was clearer but it was a dark, rainy day (today) and I stood perhaps 50 feet from the tree.

Life Goes On “Birds of a Feather ….” Woodpeckers and friends

June 6, 2013

To get a better view, click the pictures.



There are two families nesting in our backyard that Cathy and I can see. We are waiting for the chicks to take their first flight and hope our timing is good.

Woodpecker and Chick

Woodpecker and Chick

I was lucky to capture the mother in flight with food in her beak.

Mom Flying to Feed Chick

Mom Flying to Feed Chick

It is a great way to grab some relaxation and a wonder to see how organized, dedicated and hard-working these birds are. Both families, both parents working all day and into the night, landing, feeding and out the door for more. The chicks are just showing themselves, one in a Johnson supplied home (a gift from my Sister Mary many years ago) and the woodpeckers in a DIY.

We are turning our backyard into a place to go to be a part of nature, creating paths bordered by plants and shrubs and a few water elements for sound. We are close to finishing it up.  The first idea was to create an English Garden, but I’ve not enough knowledge or energy to do all that planting.  So I’d call this a sectional garden, with lots of Oaks providing shade, and all the selection issues that go along with the shade.  Nowhere is there ‘full sun’ (for me a dreaded requirement) on the property.  But the effect of filtered light is just wonderful.  With a little breeze, trees rustling, birds chirping and yes, hawks hunting it’s a great place.

Of course we still have Ruby and Liam and their Agility Course.

I hope you’ll stop by to visit.

CNN: Rubio Slams Obama

February 17, 2013

President of the United States of America

President of the United States of America

The President has created a plan for immigration.  Rubio slams it.  When will the Republicans learn to respond to good ideas they may differ with.  Rubio, try this: “Pretty good plan Mr. President.  How about these changes to make it a great plan”.  Rather, the Republicans are instigating the Second Civil War.  Their manner of negotiation mirrors exactly the stances taken in 1861.  Come on.


Broken Ribs and The Civil War

February 3, 2013

The Civil War

Product DetailsHoward Means sets out the numerous reasons for the South to have declined to go to war with the North over any issue, least of all Slavery.  He cites numerous sources documenting the economic imbalance in the States in 1860 all making the eventual outcome inevitable.  The economic machine in the north was far more powerful, so much so that Lee’s superior expertise in Battle meant only short-term success for he lacked the logistics and supply inventory of the North.  So why did Beauregard pull the pin in Charleston Harbor?  Why did the rest of the South join in the war; it was simply not rational.

A few months ago I stood next to the cannons aimed at Fort Sumter hoping I would gain some insightful idea of what was going through his mind at the instant he pulled the trigger?  Certainly he was surrounded with the residents of Charleston, some male, some female.  What makes a man do something he knows will hurt himself and his friends and family, likely the very people standing witness to his bravado?  What makes a man shoot himself in the foot?

Broken Ribs

Cabin Shed

This is where I broke my Rib on January 10, 2013.  Here’s how.  I stood on the step stool trying to get a water hose from the ‘loft’, but the stool was not high enough.  I was impatient to get going on a trip to play music with my friend Ivan Sexton in Virginia, so I placed my left foot on the sill of the window; still not enough height.  So I propelled myself up and let go my handhold to grab the box containing the hose.  Bad idea.

As I was falling backwards, back facing the ground, my body twisted and I faced the floor at the time of impact.  My right side hit solidly the air compressor to the left of the picture.  Thus the broken rib.

What in the world possessed me to not do what I consciously knew I should?  to Wit: Get the larger ladder from the house; find a broom handle to extend my reach; get a different hose from the other shed.  Why did I do what I did?

Theory of Broken Ribs and The Civil War

Product DetailsOur brains don’t always govern our actions.  Well, actually they do, but it’s the emotional section, not the rational.  I was impatient.  Perhaps so too Beauregard.  Perhaps his anger at having to pay for labor in his fields and his fear of the consequences of the loss of his slaves overcame his good Judgement.  I think so.

(At one point in the run up to the War, Lincoln, in Congress at the time, suggested the Federal Government, among other things, pay the slave owners in the District of Colombia full market value for the slaves emancipated by the bill he proposed.  It stood no chance then, and it was never again considered as an option.  But at worst it was a rational approach to the emancipation issue.)

Beauregard acted in Anger.  I acted impatiently.  Neither of us properly weighted the consequences.  We both suffered.  Had either of us acted rationally the outcomes would have been very different.

The Good News About Brains

I twistd in the air.  How and why?  The reason is my brain, and all brains, are capable of creating an action faster than our senses, and our conscious ‘mind’, can react.  Trust me.  While falling I was thinking “Uh-Oh, Please don’t break”, while my brain was doing something about it.  Namely, twisting and not shouting.    It’s in Incognito.  Not me of course, but the idea.

A body in motion stays in motion, until …  In my case the floor.  The consequences of The Civil War are still, most unfortunately, in motion.


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